Dustin Nichols Texas Fishing Report.


The Fall transition is upon us and with water temps dropping following the last few frontal systems, fishing has been on FIRE! October was by far, one of the best months ever for chasing red fish. The Port O'connor and Port Lavaca areas were stacked with small pods of fish that grew into large schools as the month progressed.

Higher than normal tides had the fish pushed up in the salt grass feeding voraciously on small shrimp. Matching the hatch was key in choosing the right lure. The Grande Salt kickin' shrimp proved deadly on those marsh donkeys. Paired with your favorite screw lock jig-head and they will not resist it! Also...blind casting a top water walking bait payed off as well. I prefer the larger one knocker spook on wind blown shorelines, but will downsize to the spook jr. on calmer water. Salty Plugger bait Co. has some custom painted options avaible that look real good.

Another one of my favorite fish to target is the Cynoscion nebulosus also known as the speckled trout. Texas is known for growing them big and it does not disappoint during the fall months. Those hot days of Summer are finally gone and the water temps drop and cool off. I for one, am excited as I will start rotating thru my Corky collection. Corky's have been around since Paul Brown was making them in his garage in the mid-70's but since 2010 Mirrolure has had the rights to produce the lure. Make no mistake, no matter who is making them now, they still catch the fish. A slow sinking twitch bait it is and can be fished fast, slow, and slower!

Over the years a plethora of big trout have fell victim to that odd shaped bait. Twitch, Twitch, Pause...THUMP!!! That's exactly hat you will feel when the fish strikes the lure. That Corky thump. Go check them out and try em' on your local waters.

We are not quite done yet! Those flat fish with the 2 eyes on the same side are making their move this time of year also. Flounder... AKA- great table fare, awesome stuffed with lump crab stuffing, and fun to catch. Targeting back water feeder creeks and drains at low tide will put some on your stringer. Small paddle tail or shrimp imitations work well with a heavier jig head to get the lure in the strike zone as they will lay in wait on the bottom to ambush whatever swims their way. Don't hesitate to spend some time chasing them flatties!

Thanks to all that read this report and if you would like to hear more on inshore kayak fishing and general tips and tactics you can look up Chasin' the Tide podcast (myself as the host) on the Paddle N Fin podcast network. A new segment goes up every other Sunday and we have guests from all over.


Don't forget your safety gear and make a float plan if venturing out alone!

Dustin Nichols Jackson Kayak Factory Team/ Team Torqeedo/ Waterloo Rods/ Lew's/ Beck & Masten Coastal Bend/ Grande Saltwater?/Salty Plugger bait Co./ YakGadget

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