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Let’s talk story, RAKFISHING group! Spring is upon us and in South West Florida the fishing has been on fire. Matlacha, Florida has an infestation of reds. They have been hugging the mangroves and at every corner (look for the sand patches) of moving water, hanging out in groups of 2-4. I have been catching most of them on Saltwater Assassin’s “Chicken on a chain”, my go to paddle tail! Side note: there was an unmarked copper penny colored paddle tail in the Magli tournament bag that has been destroying fish, so go check if you still have it in the bag. The slow role wiggle is what they have been loving,slow the retrieve down….one less cup of coffee should do the trick. Speckled trout are still biting, but the schools are only 3-6 trout, instead of 10-15 like in the winter months, on the same paddle tail.

The Flat boys have also moved in the past two weeks.Hooked into 3 gulf flounders with two of them being over 14inches and delicious plus one under sized; again, chicken on a chain with a “dab” of the mullet flavored procure. The Snook are always here, and they have been averaging 26-32 inches…. with some monsters 35+ and very angry!!!!

Now, for the best part of living in SW Florida…..the access to the Everglades! If you have never experienced this fishery, it’s a game changer. You should always start the morning just before sunrise for a great paddle out into the “Old Florida”. Even if the bugs are attacking you like cluster bombs on the battlefield, it doesn’t matter, you have a mission…Find the Tarpon! They love the morning sunrise just as much as we do. If the winds are right, you can start to see them role as you approach the mangroves, during your chat out with your budssss. My first cast into the wild I felt free! I suddenly felt, what I thought was a familiar bite; Is it a Red? Snook? I’m thinking “Yes Dinner!”, exactly what I wanted to start the day with but then he was fighting completely different. He had a fight similar to a Sheepshead, but it was not the convict fish…it was the infamous, Goliath Grouper! He reminded me of a Tiger with all his spots and stripes and his slow but powerful tail whips (again chicken on a chain); what a sight to see on the end of the line! I ended up catching jacks, trout, snook, goliath grouper, lady fish, mangrove snapper and I chased a tarpon around for an hour with Dave

Naumann from Cool RunninsKayak Adventures, who also managed to snag a slot red that day. Everglades is a must trip for any angler, but especially kayak anglers.

The last week has been somewhat slow. The fish are still around but with the water temperature warming up, the fish have started to find some deeper water holes. So don’t give up on the shallows and flats just yet…. if the bite is slow try looking for them in some deeper holes, find at least a 3 or above change in the water depth.

Mahalo, Thanks, and Gracias for taking the time to read this report. I hope some of the advice helps and don’t forget:

“Throw Every Cast with Bad Intentions”

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Hana Pa’a,


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