The Transition

Bringing the fight back home. coming home, trying to adjust is difficult for most. Dealing with different obstacles such as coming back home from the battlefield or just dealing with every day shenanigans within garrison can be very taxing. One of the biggest obstacles is learning how to adjust back to a “normal life” finding a balance with work life and family, maintaining a social status along with taking care of your family can be things that used to be easy but now are difficult.

One of the biggest hurdles to jump over, or run through for bigger guys like me, who cant jump is figuring out a distraction. Let’s be honest, we all have a distraction of some sort to just veg out on whether it be movies, shows,

food, drives to blare music (dont do this my ears are going bad), travel or my favorite kayak fishing. Distractions are not always a bad thing, we need distractions in life to reset us, distract us from negative things we may be going through or even just distract us from pain, depression, stress, anxiety, fear among other things. Life is manageable, it’s worth living to enjoy the beauty that this world offers us. Below Cyrus Dooley, will be going over Five things that kayak fishing can offer you, to live the best YOU.

“The About Face”

Sometimes we have to hit the about face in life, and let old things go, and new things come, why should you kayak fish?

After asking multiple questions via Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms my main question to service men and women from all over was simple. How has kayak fishing helped you adjust from the things you endured during your time serving in the United States Military?

some got back to me right away and others had to take time to think and ponder on the question however listed below are the top 5 responses in order that I received.

1. Peace

2. Focus

3. Unwind

4. Life slowed down

5. Remember what’s important

These answers are from real people who have gone through real things, Patrick Ballinger with the United States Marine Corps mentioned “ I do it because it is the only time I have 0% PTSD anxiety. “ as well as John Rapp, the host of RustyHookPodcast being a retired West Virginia (West

By God) highway Patrolmen as well as a combat Military Police Veteran, was quoted saying “ Kayak Fishing has slowed life down and given me fresh purpose in life... l like chasing big bass instead of criminals so much more... l catch and release bass. “

The more we think about why kayak fishing helps so many people some may think why does kayak fishing help people?

At Ease!

below we are going to dive into the top reason and break down for those who wonder how you can benefit so much from kayak fishing. Peace. Peace comes In many forms peace is a noun

  1. freedom from disturbance; tranquility.

when we think about peace many things may come to mind however, let me paint you a scenario because who does not love scenarios. You prep your fishing stuff the night before, you plan your trip all week figuring out where you will launch, the best weather, what you will eat for breakfast as well as picking up new baits to try from your favorite local tackle shop. The morning is here! It is time to move out, you head to your launch location and unpack your gear it’s early in the morning around five thirty you arrive at the launch and the water is smooth and you hear the morning birds chirping, fish jumping, trees blowing and start to familiarize yourself with the area. You have your kayak in the water and you are off to fish. It is now six twenty now and you catch the sunrise over the horizon and watch in awe the colors of the sun setting over the morning sky painting a beautiful image. You catch a ton of fish that day, and you did not have your cell phone on you, so therefor no disturbances! It was a great day and the peace you recieved that day was like none other. Peace along with the other 4 reasons are what you can find kayak fishing, it is what you can benefit from. Kayak fishing offers so much to us, it is not just a small plastic boat it is a way to move on from things that have happened to us in life, and a way we can escape and be our true selves.

- Cyrus Dooley

please consider checking out our Warriors Program Designed to get Veterans / Active Duty personnel, Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders on the water, kayak fishing.

sign up below, and we will do our best to service you and your area to go kayak fishing!

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