Reel Adventure Kayak Fishing

Tournament Rules


Participation and Eligibility

Participation is open to anyone 18 years old or older.  Minors are eligible to participate with a signature of a parent or legal guardian on a release form.  Kayaks, SUP, and Canoes are allowed. Tandem Vessels are allowed, but each participant on a tandem must be registered.  Liability waivers and release forms must be signed online and submitted in order to be eligible to participate in R.A.K.F tournaments.


What’s Allowed?

Live Bait, Artificial Lures, and Trolling motors are allowed, this is a charity event to raise money for the fallen Officer Benevolence Fund.  Rules are pretty open!



Online registration for the tournament will be $60 completed on line at, and will close April 1ST 2022.  A cash registration will be $70 and accepted at the Captains meeting for any late signup. In the event a participant is unable to make that tournament, the registration fee paid CANNOT be refunded.


Captains Meeting

The captains meeting will take place Friday evenings day before tournaments.  Dates, times and locations will be announced prior to the individual tournament.  The Captains meeting is mandatory for all participants, unless otherwise cleared by the tournament directors.


No Scouting, Pre fishing, or Kayaking after Captains meeting until Lines out.



Safe boating practices must be and will be observed at ALL times.  Each participant is required to follow all USCG and FWC rules and regulations during tournaments.  Each tournament participant is REQUIRED to have their PFD (Personal Floatation Device) on board during the tournament.  And be in possession of a safety whistle or sounding device.  All tournament anglers are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship and courtesy during the tournaments.


Digital Photography and Scoring

Participants must use digital photography to record their tournament fish.  It is required that anglers use the highest resolution on their camera settings.  If using other devices other than a phone anglers must bring their SD cards or USB cord for downloading of tournament catches.  Photos must be submitted in person during weigh in hours. First picture of the day (Safe Light) tokens will be given to the tournament participants at the Captains meeting. 



In the event of a tie, the catch time of the photo will be the determining factor

Fishing Times and Weigh- In

Begin fishing at first light


Weigh in will end at 3:30PM and judging will begin



Awards ceremony will begin at approximately 4:00pm day of tournament.