1. Live and Artificial bait allowed 


2. Trolling motors, and other similar motors allowed ( no gas powered motors allowed)


3. Kayaks, SUP, Canoe's allowed. 


4. Launch at safe light, or at time given at captains meetings. 


5. Tournament based on biggest Redfish overall. 


6. Open boundaries. Just be back before return time. (No exceptions) 

7.  Must have PFD on vessel. 

8. Must have token in photos that you submit. Submissions must have time stamp on them. Must have location turned on to verify photo time stamp. 

9. In case of tie, we will go based off of time stamp. 

10. Must have approved bump board, hog troughs. Bump boards will be for sale on site at captains meeting. 

11. Any challenges must be made within 24 hours of post tournament. If you'd like to challenge the results of the tournament you must consult with the tournament director. 

12. the tournament will be catch photo release.

13. Make sure photo is clear of debris and the photo is easily readable.